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How To Avoid Expensive Auto Repair Rip-Offs

If you’ve ever lost your temper or felt faint after getting an expensive auto repair bill, you’re not alone. The problem is more than infrequent. About one in four customers walk away dissatisfied with their mechanic; and, the internet is teeming with advice on how to avoid auto repair rip-offs. At http://ranchosmog.com we want you to be satisfied with your service, here is how.

So, how can you get the best repair work on your car? What should you do? One step you can take is to follow routine maintenance schedules. Check your owner’s manual for this information. Your grandmother’s wisdom really applies here. Remember when she said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” Consistent car care is essential since moving parts need regular attention.

Another step you can take ahead of time is to find a mechanic before you need one. A good relationship fosters good advice. A mechanic you know is less likely to perform unnecessary work on your car or give a diagnosis he’s not sure about.

When you’re at the repair shop, don’t forget to ask for an estimate. And, ask as many questions as you need to ask. Let the mechanic explain what’s wrong to you in terms you can understand. If you are timid because mechanics is not your forte, than bring a mechanically inclined friend with you to the repair shop–someone who can ask the right questions and give you an opinion. We generally get a second opinion before having major surgery on our bodies. So, why not do the same with your car when a major expense is involved? It really is true that sometimes two heads are better than one.

So, remember to do regular maintenance and plan ahead for unexpected emergencies by finding a mechanic ahead of time. And, when the time comes that you need auto repairs, you will know the person to call. Keep in mind that it’s OK to ask questions and bring a friend to the shop to help you. In fact, a good mechanic will more than likely appreciate your savvy, and that helps keep the mechanic-customer relationship strong.